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My name is Erwin Streefland and thank you for joining my website.


Xytech Module Technologies is a well-established company developing and manufacturing modules for OEM’s in the (3D)printing-, medical- and other high-tech segments. At Xytech we put quality first!


Our key strengths include; co-engineering, cost reduction engineering, industrialization, global sourcing.

We operate as a contract- manufacturer and are very successful in the High Quality Gateway to Low Cost Manufacturing, particular for the Low Volume High Mix niche of the market.


Typical annual volumes can vary between a few hundred systems up into the tens of thousands.

Xytech has his headquarter in the Netherlands, Venray (general management, sales, project management and engineering) and has its production location in China, Suzhou.


As Sales Director Europe my goal is to expand business of complex technical Modules in Europe.

If you are looking for a partner to initiate new projects for reducing product development costs, materials sourcing, production & assembly activities, please contact our well-established and renowned team to find out what XYTECH can do for you?


Looking forward to meet you.


Best regards,


Erwin Streefland



Xytech Module Technologies

Keizersveld 4

5803 AN, Venray

The Netherlands


Tel. + 31 (0)478 554202

Mob. + 31 (0)6 23 60 60 25

Fax. + 31 (0)478 554209








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