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TB&C Technology GmbH is part of the TB&C Group and is founded in August 2014.

My enterprise, as manager commercial international new business development is focus on the implementation of the Hybrid Technology in new product platforms and on the production of small and medium-sized product lines.

The base is Hybrid constructions created in collaboration with our customers during a co-design phase. The hybrid metal and plastic components as well as assembly groups will also complemented by the integration of electronics and fabric parts. Like sensors, PCB’s and Textile solutions for braces, clothing, suncanopy and windowcovers.



My objective is to be involved in the customer's development process at the earliest stage possible in order to be able to optimize the benefits of the Hybrid Technology in the individual developing steps.

Currently, we are working on projects in the advance development phase in collaboration with our OEM customers.


The projects will be attended under my supervision by our development team and project management throughout the whole process to series maturity at TB&C Technology GmbH and will then be handed over to the respective.

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